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Scores of mango orchards, an abundance of nature's bounty. Amidst this, hidden away in the lap of serenity, stands Vedam, the eco-tourism resort, and wellness spot, an abode specially created to rest tired souls and rejuvenate the weary hearts and minds.

Life in a city can be tiring, even stifling, Rigmarole of daily existence can dampen your spirit. Now and then the heart longs to get away from the wheel of toil and be at one with nature. Vedam offers an embodiment of tranquility and helps awaken your finer senses. 

Spread over an acre of five, Vedam lays at the outskirts of the erstwhile Portuguese bastion of Chinsurah, just 55 km from the city of Kolkata.

Vedam has been conceived out of an earthy affair, blended with functionality. Our emphasis remains on nature and the tropical habitat. To enhance the organic experience, we have deliberately broken away from the contemporary fascination for square buildings and have fashioned our stay in an earthen form, typical of Bengal's rustic landscape. Adorned with tribal art and frescos done by eminent artists.


You will be pleased  to know that we encourage a comfortable stay for your Pets with Treats, food, and veterinary service on request.

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